What to consider when commissioning a logo design

Updated: Mar 29

We understand that commissioning a logo for your business in a market flooded with offers can be both confusing and overwhelming. You might ask yourself “What should I be paying for my logo?”

These are all fair and understandable questions. The answer is simply how much to you value your brand and how important is it that you communicate the right brand image to your customers. To some, a cheap logo design service is the solution, there are plenty of companies online where you can obtain such a service, if you like the work they produce and are confident they can deliver what you want then go for it! Sadly, from experience this is unlikely to be the case and you will most likely be disappointed and find yourself starting the process again.

Redhead Graphic Design have put together a list below of what I believe separates Small Business Logos from other logo design services. I fully respect that commissioning a logo is very personal and ultimately you should choose a company you feel confident can deliver and that supply you with a logo you can be proud of.

What makes up a good logo?

The function behind a logo goes far beyond being just a pretty visual that you can add to your website. As the heart of your branding efforts, your logo should represent the essence of your company’s personality. Logo design, an icon is a simplified visual that captures the spirit of your brand. A common misconception is that your icon should literally be an image showing what your product or service is. While this may benefit some, it doesn’t have to be the case for all businesses. You can explore more conceptual (or even abstract) icons to emphasize what it is your company does.

Consider Nike, for example. The iconic “swoosh” icon evokes the feeling of movement and speed. Very fitting for a sportswear brand. Think of your icon as a symbol rather than a picture. It needs to be highly visual and easily recognizable. The advantage of a more graphic icon is that it can often carry more visual weight. Ideally, your icon should be simple enough that clients can recall it even after one quick glance.

Where will you use your Logo?

We hate to sound like a broken record, but this logo design tip goes back to the golden rule of design. Once all of your elements (name, tagline and icon) are present, it’s imperative that they are well balanced as a whole. While there are no set in stone rules, in order to be on the safe side, we suggest that you align all your elements in the same direction: left, center, or right. Remember, your design and content should be one (small happy family).

This way when you try and use it on facebook and instagram it won't get chopped off.

Mies Van de Roche wrote "Less is more" when it comes and when it come to logos this is certainly the case, take the Mcdonald's golden M and the Nike swoosh, amazons A to Z of products all of these logos can operate in two formats as icon or as a full logo. Even if the wordmark, the icon, and the colours were changed you could still recognise them as that brand.

To summarise when you can take nothing else away this is the perfect result.

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